Inter-Face project aims to design a generic framework allowing to turn any object into an interactive surface.  

This is done by seamlessly combining several interaction technologies (for object identification as well as finger localization and tracking) into a framework that provides an abstraction layer for easily developing applications based on these technologies without taking into account specific features of the surface. 
Imagine you have a table, a tray and a mirror in your living room. With the Inter‐face framework you can transform such objects into interactive surfaces and develop applications (a photo browser, a tic tac toe game, etc.), which can be played on any of these three surfaces.
The Inter‐face framework has a two-fold goal: on one hand it aims at combining multiple sensing technologies (acoustic, electromagnetic and optical) in order to make it possible to transform any surface into an interactive one; on the other hand it aims at enabling the development of applications which can run on surfaces equipped with all or a combination of such sensing technologies.