Quick description

The goal of SMAC project (Smart Multimedia Archive for Conferences) is to create a tool allowing the acquisition, storage, analysis and consultation of conference archives. The data contained in these archives, made of papers (static documents), slideshows, audio/video files and/or speech transcriptions, will be all aligned, i.e. temporal, thematic, image alignments. A prototype of the acquisition system will be installed in a conference room at the EIA-FR.

Current state of development

Actually SMAC is still at the prototype state. For now, only the synchronization between the slideshow and the video/audio streams are implemented. Further synchronization mechanism are being  currently actively developed at the EIAFR. If you want more detailed information about the current progress and capabilities of SMAC, you can contact us.

Technical specifics

SMAC is written almost integrally into the Python language. Some SMAC modules are currently dependant from MS-Windows platform, the one capturing the video (written in C++ through a DirectShow interface), and the one in charge for extracting the pictures of MS-Powerpoint presentation. A special effort will be made in the future to make these part working on other operating system as well (e.g. GNU/Linux).

The main final-user GUI is written as a Flash applet. Another version (more experimental) use SMIL

User Interface

This is one example on how the GUI for a final user looks like for a given presentation. We have here a Video of a presentation, directly streamed from a flash server and synchronized with the slides extracted from a presentation file (e.g. MS-Powerpoint). The navigation banner at the bottom of the screen allows the user to select any slide from the presentation in order to get the corresponding video segment played.

Screenshot of the actual SMAC visualization utility in flash.