PLUPART (Phantom Limb Unrelenting Pain: Augmented Reality Treatment) is project part of the research program RCSO-TIC.

The project is developed in partnership between the EIA-FR of Fribourg, the HE-ARC ingénierie and the CHUV​.

The Phantom Limb effect is perceived by about 75% of people suffering an amputation (a leg or an arm as well). It consists in the strong feeling that the missing limb is still present. In most cases it is felt with annoying or painful sensations (wrong or weird position of the phantom limb, wrong dimensions, sensations from the accident, etc.).

The main goal of the project is to exploit the two teams’ experience and savoir faire, in order to improve a classical approach to treat the Phantom Limb Pain, the "mirror box" and the "motor imagery", using novel technological solutions.​​​​​​​