The OpenFlow project is an exploratory project which aims to study, document and enhance teaching and creation of new research projects based on the emerging OpenFlow technology.

The Internet network as we know it today, and also enterprise networks, represent a huge base of devices operating on protocols and established technologies (eg. TCP / IP, MPLS, Ethernet switching, wifi, etc.).. It is therefore difficult to integrate new technologies and innovate in this area, because the simulation does not always suffice to validate new optimization algorithms or transmission of flows in a computer network.

With the venue of machines and application hosting in the cloud, new paradigms, such as server or application virtualization, or also storage services on multi-sites have emerged, paving the need for new technologies or networks architectures.

This is where OpenFlow will be used, an implementation of the SDN (Software Defined Networking) technology, which brings a unified and standardized operation of a network. This technology allows researchers to integrate and test new technologies and algorithms in existing networks

This project is financed by the HES-SO.