MEMODULES are tangible shortcuts to multimedia information. Tangible interfaces can be useful to establish links between our memory and information. We call them "MEMODULES". They roost abstract information in the real world through tangible shortcuts. MEMODULES are tiny tagged physical objects containing a link towards information sources that can be further accessed by several devices. We consider them as tangible hypermarks, i.e. embedded hyperlinks to abstract information attached to everyday physical objects. MEMODULES not only materialize information in the real world through tangible reminders, they also help controlling daily life devices. Memodules Scenario - EXPANDING HUMAN POTENTIAL - ASSOCIATIVE MEMORY - PHYSICAL REMINDER - ACTION MATERIALIZATION
This project follows two complementary approaches, user-centric and device-centric, in order to design, implement and evaluate MEMODULES facilitating (a) information access and categorization and also (b) the control of everyday devices.

MEMODULES is a 4-years (2006-2009) research project co-funded by Hasler Foundation.