InCov for indoor radio planning

InCov handles both indoor and outdoor-to-indoor coverage.
In the user manual, indoor coverage is shown first. Outdoor-to-indoor coverage is shown in Section 4. If you intend to use InCov you can go through this manual as it will explain how to use the software with screen shots so you might want to read it just to learn the features InCov provides, namely:

  • Coverage based on scanned floor plan (no AutoCAD, even a hand drawn floor plan might be sufficient).
  • Easy adjustment of cell power; for all antennas covering the cell.
  • Single computation for all antennas with the same channel.
  • Optional power setting via a feeding network.

InCov was developed in collaboration with our first customer Ericsson. Here is their conclusion:

Ericsson has tested InCov on productive customers indoor projects. The goal was to compare the planning done with the tool and the one done by experienced indoor engineers (using measurements by means of a test transmitter and a scanner).
Ericsson really appreciate the ease of use of the tool and its speed to compute coverage predictions. The indoor planning obtained using InCov is very similar to the one done using test measurements. Ericsson can also affirm that the InCov predictions are accurate enough to be very valuable for the indoor planning.
To conclude, Ericsson wishes to express its satisfaction with the InCov product; it allows to reduce the time spent doing measurements and site surveys, enabling an accurate indoor planning on the basis of raw floor plans.
[Mirko Marghitola, Radio Network Engineer, Ercisson AG]

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An academic version for indoor localization fingerprint or test purpose is available upon request at