ASGARDASGARD is a system that allows people to interact with Smart Environments.
Aphrodite GlanceDans le cadre d'un concours organisé par Darwin21, l'école d’ingénieurs et d’architectes de Fribourg est invitée à créer une tête artificielle semblable à celle d'un être humain. Cette dernière doit présenter le même niveau et être capable d'exprimer des émotions.
AramisA.R.A.M.I.S. Augmented Reality Avatar as Model for Interaction Science
COALA"Content-Oriented Audiovisual Library Access" is a research project granted by Swiss National Funds (SNF) and realized in MEDIA research group of DI- LITH in Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.
CalimeraRecently, a growing number of the talks within conferences and particularly scientific ones, is being recorded for later retrieval.
ChAirGestThe ChAirGest challenge is a research oriented competition designed to encourage researchers to take advantage of data recorded from multiple sensors to optimize methods for gesture spotting and recognition. The developed dataset provides researchers a common benchmark tool which enables quantitative comparison of algorithms under strictly comparable conditions. Those algorithms can use any combination of the data types available in the dataset.
InCovThe indoor coverage prediction tool
MAGI System - Mind Augmented Gesture InteractionIn this work we interlace the concepts of Gesture Recognition, Context Awareness and Multimodal Interaction based on psycho-physiological signals in order to enhance our communication and control capabilities with the everyday object of our life, and overcome the obstacles present in the Computer Vision approach.
MemodulesMEMODULES are tangible shortcuts to multimedia information.
OpenflowThe OpenFlow project is an exploratory project which aims to study, document and enhance teaching and creation of new research projects based on the emerging OpenFlow technology.
PLUPARTPhantom Limb Unrelenting Pain: Augmented Reality Treatment
SMACSmart Multimedia Archive for Conferences
SMACCSmart-clean city propose de nouveaux systèmes d’épuration des eaux, basés sur des matériaux renouvelables, des déchets transformés et des technologies vertes
TEMPOThe aim of the TEMPO project is investigating natural interaction with smart personal objects, focusing on gesture recognition.