1. LogCreator

LogCreator is an application for semi-automatic indexing of audio-visual document content, based on an a- priori automatic detection of shots. The user is provided with a predefined video description schema which allows the description in two levels: the document level and the shot level. The next versions of the LogCreator will also provide the possibility of description of more semantic segments as scenes and subjects. LogCreator recieves the results of the shot detection in XML format and also stocks the results of the description in XML format in order to allow interoperability with other applications. This application was implemented in the framework of the "Audio-Visual Digital Archives" project in order to facilitate the corpus creation (More information on Research).

Special thanks to

   -TSR Archive group having helped us kindly during the study of their system and also providing us with the corpus material,
   -Center for Digital Video Processing at Dublin City University for providing us with the shot detection algorithm.


2. StlML



ML is an application which allows the translation of teletext subtitle information from the EBU binary format into an XML format. The teletext subtitles created in Television organisations who are a member of the EBU have a binary format which is neither readable by human nor interoperable with other applications which may need these information. StlML translates these information to an XML format conserving all the original information and their structure. The results of the translation can be of different uses. Two examples of their use are: Firstly, they can be integrated into the LogCreator application as a secondary resource for video description (More information on Research); Secondly, they can be used by the Television organisations who need to access to teletext subtitle information for different reasons for example the translation of the subtitles to other languages.

Special thanks to Mrs. Sylvia Monnat of SwissTXT for her kind assistance in relation with this project.