The ChAirGest multimodal dataset was collected in the context of the FEOGARM thesis, which aims to provide a framework for evaluation and optimization of gesture acquisition and recognition methods. The project is a joint collaboration between the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland and the University of Fribourg. This research has been supported by HASLER foundation within the framework of the “Living in Smart Environment” project.

The ChAirGest​ dataset has been created to support research in automatic analysis of gestures for close Human-Computer​ Interaction from multimodal data. The data was recorded on the site of Fribourg, Switzerland.

The dataset contains 6 hours of continuous multimodal recordings. The 10 subjects were mimicking gestures seen on a computer screen. The data have been acquired from a Kinect camera and 4 Inertial Motion Units (IMUs) attached to the right arm and the neck of the subject. The dataset contains 10 different gestures, started from 3 different resting postures and recorded in two different lighting conditions by 10 different subjects. The total dataset contains 1200 annotated gestures split in continuous video sequences containing a variable number of gestures interleaved with a randomized delay.  ​​


[01/09/2015] The Opegra website is now online; you can access it here​. Note that some functionalities are still under construction.

[22/04/2015] The Opegra platform is now available for download​. More information on its Information ​page. 
[25/01/2014] The results of the challenge on recognition of getsures  performed  durign the Master course 'Multimodal Processing, Recognition and Interaction' is now finished. The results are visible on the Scoreboard page !
[09/01/2014] The Open Challenge is now Live. Download the dataset, develop and test your algorithms and finally submit your work for evaluation to be included in the scoreboard !
[10/09/2013] The ICMI workshop has been cancelled due to low participation. It is now included in the ChaLearn Challenge & Workshop at ICMI 2013 and the challenge will soon continue as an Open Challenge. 
[20/07/2013] The submission deadline has been extended to the 21 August 2013.
[04/07/2013] The Rules​ page has been updated with information about performance evaluation and a sample program for evaluating performance is available on the server containing the dataset !

[01/05/2013] The corpus is now available for download​ upon request !

[15/03/2013] The release of the data has been delayed to the 1st of May 2013.

[08/03/2013] The website is now online.

[19/02/2013] The ChAirGest Google Discussion Group is online. 

[19/02/2013] ChAirGest has been officially accepted to organize a Multimodal Grand Challenge at the ICMI 2013 Conference.​​​​​​​​​​